Medieval / Reformation Christianity

This course charts the history of Christianity from 590 CE through the Protestant Reformation of the sixteenth century. About one-half of the course will focus on the medieval era, its key personalities, symbols, sentiments and spirituality in preparation for better understanding the theological, intellectual and political world that gave birth to the Reformation.
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Sources & Course Content:

Primary Sources:
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Secondary Sources:
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Websites: Society for Reformation Research The Thrivent Reformation Research Program The Center for Reformation and Renaissance Studies University of St. Andrews Reformation Studies Institute.

Course Content:
The Sacrum Imperium and the Middle Ages
Medieval Monasticism
Eastern Orthodoxy, Islam and the Crusades
Medieval Scholasticism
The Medieval World on the Eve of the Reformation
Martin Luther and Lutheranism
John Calvin and the Reformed Tradition
The Radical Reformation
The Catholic Counter-Reformation


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